Wide Format Printers

Using sheets of paper 24 inches wide or larger, wide format printers deliver professional high quality output. We’re proud to offer the award winning wide format lines from Canon and HP.

Wide format printers are commonly used to produce:

  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Marketing pieces
  • CAD drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Maps

Wide format printers are popular and used in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries. Design and fabrication operations need drawings fast. Print your drawings on demand with our high-quality production devices.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction
Mechanical CAD
Geographic Information Systems

We understand that wide format drawings are critical in the AEC, MCAD and GIS industries. Wide format systems from ONNYX will give you productive, fast output you can depend on. Our products provide these industries with benefits including:

  • Fast output – Using faster raster image processors and productive printing technology, our systems ensure you get the prints you need quickly, so you can get back to work!
  • Scan your drawings to email or archival storage – Make field notes directly onto your drawings then scan them into your computer. Our multifunction wide format systems allow you to capture your documents quickly. Let us set up an Electronic Document Management System to give you searchable access to your scanned documents.
  • Print your drawings on site – Many construction and manufacturing operations require immediate access to drawings and revisions. Rather than waiting for a delivery, many of our customers are putting wide format multifunction systems on the job site. This allows updates plans to be emailed and printed on site, keeping crews working, not waiting!

Graphic Arts 
Graphic artists and designers, photographers and pre-press people who need to make a big impact use our wide format systems to give them a large outlet for their creativity. Wide format systems are useful for:

  • Graphic arts
  • Professional photographers
  • Pre-press proofing applications

With our partners at Canon USA, we offer customers state-of-the-art large format solutions that provide exceptional speed, quality and flexibility. Canon products feature many technological advances including a one-inch print head with 15,360 nozzles, and L-COA point processor, and workflow printing software included. With printers from 17 to 60 inches wide, we’re sure to have the system that’s perfect to meet your unique needs.
Our line of Graphic Arts printers produce vibrant colors and incredible neutral and stable grayscales. They use a 12-color pigment ink system featuring Canon’s LUCIA ink to provide perfect output for every project you take on from photography, to design, to proofing!

More businesses are experiencing the benefits of using large format systems in their marketing, training, and HR departments. Often, a wide format printer will quickly pay for itself if you frequently send oversized print jobs out of house to offset shops.

Want to learn more? Contact ONNYX today and let us show you how our wide format systems can save you time and money!