MFPs / Copiers

Today’s MFPs offer much more functionality than simply copying, scanning, printing and faxing. They also function like an additional computer on your network with advanced functions allowing them to seamlessly integrate into your overall IT strategy.

ONNYX has partnered with some of the top names in the industry so we can provide you with the maximum selection, quality and affordability backed with our ONNYX financing plus local service with a personal touch.

Are you considering a new MFP?

Here are some options offered by the newest technology.

Mobile Print Capabilities
If you have workers on the road or employees that telecommute and use mobile devices for their business communications, you’re going to need a mobile solution that’s secure and easy to use. We offer solutions that cover a wide array of mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, BlackBerrys and other tablet and android devices.

Scanning Hardcopy Documents to Digital
We can help you to reduce the amount of paper you print, file, retrieve, and store for regulatory compliance. Today’s scanning technology offers a wide array of paper sizes and are very user friendly. Whether you’re making the move to a digital environment or do more complex back file conversion, ONNYX can help!

Enhanced Security Protection
Whenever you use your MFP to scan, copy, print, or fax you want to make sure your private information appears only to the eyes you intend to see it. Security advancements in MFP technology include hard drive cleaning after every job and features that wait for you to arrive at the physical device before your job is printed. Because of the growth in scanning, newer MFPs offer security levels that encrypt data using the same file protection capabilities used by the US Department of Defense. If you print confidential, personal or financial information, we can help!

Rules Based Printing
Does everyone in your office need to have unlimited access to your MFP? Should they be able to make unlimited color copies whenever they want? Rules based printing has become a popular way to monitor and enforce features and volume at the departmental or user level. We can help you to implement basic or advanced print rules for your staff.

Print Reduction Strategies
Studies have shown that 17% of printed pages are never used. Does your staff really need to print or copy everything? Let us help you curb unnecessary hard copy output in your office. We can show you how to print less and spend less with our Managed Print programs!

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